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A bundle of VSS products focused on enhancing existing/installed systems to allow more efficient security response. SAM provides an entry level solution into a customer's enterprise.

SAM provides unique solutions to customer requirements:

  • • Aging-in-place
  • • Thermal body temperature scanning
  • • Wayfinding and first-responder access
  • • Interactive maps

SAM takes disparate systems installed at a site, or in an enterprise, and provides a "single-pane-of-glass" view to the user, 10-minute user interface training, and decreases long-term training time/effort. As security systems are replaced or upgraded, the end-user experience remains consistent, allowing the customer to include "best" security products from multiple manufacturers while diminishing impact to end-users and workplace management.

SAM includes management tools like the Activity Log that track user access to any security system configured into the SAM navigation. This includes VSS and third-party products. Management can review adherence to response protocols remotely without impacting the day-to-day security operations.

As an overlay that brings more value to an already existing system(s), SAM provides:

  • • Reduction in immediate and long-term training costs
  • • Wayfinding and first-responder access
  • • Interactive maps
  • • Live camera views
  • • Easy access to all deployed security applications
  • • Verify protocol response via Activity Log
  • • Includes IM-Alert™ client software
  • • Includes IM-Alert™ server software
  • • Includes MapAssist™ interactive mapping software
  • • VSS Alloy™ interface, navigation, and management software
Security Awareness Management
SAM Interactive Map
SAM U.S. Map
SAM Activity Log

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