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VSS Alloy

VSS Alloy is a user-friendly interface for video enabling physical security that integrates disparate systems and equipment from multiple manufacturers or applications.

  • Features:
    • • 10 minutes or less to train end-users
    • • Integrate and manage all security products in VSS Alloy
    • • Displays your site's cameras and devices
    • • Find video surveillance incidents of interest quickly
    • • Include all security systems and user systems into navigation interface
    • • Record camera footage and extract incidents in easy-to-use interface
    • • Track user's activity with Activity Log
    • • Includes IM-Alert server and IM-Alert client software
VSS Alloy Cameras
VSS Alloy


All VSS hardware is designed, built and optimized for use with VSS Alloy. VSS Alloy servers include:

  • 1RU/2RU servers:
    • • Used for Enterprise Manager (unlimited sites)
    • • Site Manager (1 per site)
    • • Recorders (10 per Site Manager - 32 Cameras each)
  • Mini-Servers:
    • • Enterprise Manager (unlimited sites)
    • • Site Manager (1 per site)Site Manager (1 per site)
    • • Recorders (6 per Site Manager - 6 Cameras each)
    • • IM-Alert + MapAssist appliances
VSS Servers
IM-Alert Notification

Video enable any existing or new camera system with proactive video alerts.

IM-Alert Notification

VSS IM-Alert™ Thermal Solution

Get an IM-Alert™ notification from a thermal camera when anyone enters your facility with elevated body temperature.

VSS Thermal Solution

Generate interactive maps for any security or mass notification system, with or without video.

MapAssist Interactive Map

Utility to allow partners to create interactive maps in a drag-and-drop tool without having to program SVG files manually.

MapCreate Maps
Security Awareness Management

A bundle of VSS products focused on enhancing existing/installed systems to allow more efficient security response. SAM provides an entry level solution into a customer's enterprise.

  • See more information about
  • SAM - Security Awareness Management
  • About SAM
SAM Interactive Map

VSS Software vs VSS Appliance

The software installer for VSS products provides multiple economic options for deployment.

  • • Products can be installed on customers' hardware (i.e. concurrent with other security systems)
  • • Products can be installed on Virtual Machine
  • • Products can be installed in the Cloud
  • Note:
    • • Exceptions to Software Only install is for systems that need recording. VSS recommends all recording occur locally.
    • • VSS recommends that IM-Alert be utilized on a VSS Alloy server or local mini-server when latency of real-time video push and mobile notification is a concern.
VSS Software-Only Installer


REST API for integration with third party systems. VSS' REST API allows third-party systems to include security camera video into their desktop or mobile applications. With the VSS REST API any organization can video-enable their solution.


VSS WiFi Sensors

VSS WiFi sensors are easy to deploy, economical and have an estimated 2-year battery life.

  • • Made in the USA
    • • Runs on standard AAA batteries
    • • Open architecture integrates with ANY manufacturers system via configuration screen
    • • Integrates with VSS products
    • • Bluetooth connection for configuration and changes
  • • Door contacts
  • • Universal converter
  • • Humidity/Water sensor
VSS WiFi Sensors

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