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VSS Alloy™ is a network-based solution that provides a single portal to manage all of your surveillance cameras, access controls, facilities management applications and other mission-critical applications.

Alloy's integrated mapping functionality allows users to navigate all live camera streams using building floor plans and campus maps. In the event of any user-defined incident, live video pages are pushed out to the appropriate staff and security to alert them immediately.


K-12 school systems, colleges, and universities across the country face unprecedented budget cuts and staff reductions while student populations increase and emerging security threats demand more sophisticated security technology. VSS Alloy provides a single productivity portal for any software used in a school system, including office and administrative applications as well as physical security, thus increasing overall efficiency. Campus security is made more cost-effective where every member of an organization can have access to and participate in the mitigation of theft and loss, incident management, anti-bullying, and crowd control.

Some examples of security tasks that VSS Alloy provides in its network-based solution are RFID tracking, remote building controls, video paging, IP cameras with analytics, text to security, and integrated mapping.

Other common applications used in education that can be accessed through the VSS Alloy portal include:

• Aspen

• Blackboard

• CampusAnyware

• Destiny

Government & Institutions

By providing a network based solution, VSS Alloy enables municipalities and governmental agencies to overcome the greatest challenges they face in keeping up with increasing security demands. A centralized network solution helps managers to identify and streamline problem areas such as inefficiencies due to decentralized IT, redundancies in security resources, the ability to scale security deployment with growth, and the flexibility to implement future technologies.

By utilizing VSS Alloy as a complete management tool, a governmental organization reduces crime and risk associated with violence, theft and vandalism, traffic control and moving violations, and crowd control. Just a few examples of the resulting benefits are reduced crime and risk with increased overall efficiency, improved city planning, and being more attractive to taxpayers, business and industry employers, and as hosts for special events.

Health and Senior Care

Being aware of many factors, their importance and projected status of each, all in real time, or Situational Awareness, has been critical in any medical environment. Fortunately today, emerging technologies are converging to improve situational awareness. This automation enables the right staff to know where and for what they are needed, resulting in quality care and efficient use of staff. Likewise, the automated monitoring of life safety, security, and environmental systems means that maintenance is seamless, incidents are fewer and both patients and staff enjoy a safe, stable, and pleasant environment. Patients and medical personnel have many choices in where they decide to receive care and work, so providing a secure and efficient environment is essential to success.

The benefits of technology in health and senior care are not limited to emergency response. Video-enabled communication, automated monitoring, and med-alert location devices allow patients and seniors to participate in their care and live more independently without losing the careful attention of their care givers. These technologies can be especially beneficial for seniors by allowing them to age longer in their own home and their families by avoiding expensive facility care. Patient care and satisfaction remain at the forefront.

VSS Solutions

VSS Aging-In-Place Solution Service

Bundle of VSS products focused on an Aging in Place solution for families, caregivers, and guardians.

Includes One or More VSS WiFi Sensors
Includes IM-Alert in the Cloud
Includes IM-Alert Client for workstation or mobile for receiving of notifications

VSS Aging-In-Place Enterprise Solution

Bundle of VSS products focused on an Aging in Place solution for Home Health providers or to resellers who wish to host a local/regional system.

Includes One or More VSS WiFi Sensors
Includes MapAssist in the Cloud for interactive mapping of deployed WiFi sensors
Includes IM-Alert in the Cloud
Includes IM-Alert Client for workstation or mobile for receiving of notifications

VSS Thermal Solution

With many viruses and other highly contagious diseases, a fever is often the first symptom and can be an indicator of individuals who may be contagious.

VSS is pleased to offer immediate, out-of-the-box solutions to help your organization stay safe in this difficult situation.

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