Designed for simplicity and the non-technical user, VSS Alloy provides an easy-to-use, intuitive dashboard with interactive maps and video paging.

VSS Alloy is a user-friendly interface for video enabling physical security that integrates disparate systems and equipment from multiple applications. A VSS Alloy recorder is an IP video surveillance software and hardware appliance for video encoding, monitoring, and recording.

VSS specializes in producing video solutions in which disparate security camera products can be converged. We have taken that idea to the next level by developing VSS Alloy into a complete, enterprise management tool. Every member within an organization can access applications needed using a single user interface. In addition to managing company software assets and workflow, user tracking in VSS Alloy allows managers to know what, when, and by whom activity takes place.

Product Features

VSS Alloy Features

VSS Alloy features include:

  • Easy-to-use dashboard – configurable to only show what a user needs; reduces complexity and training time
  • Simple, powerful tools – Integrate third-party applications into Alloy to improve access and track usage
  • Interactive maps – Organize your site’s cameras the way users know them
  • Find what you need quickly – Forensic thumbnail investigation quickly finds incidents of interest
  • Video Paging – Push video popup and alert message onto a user's computer in front of what they are currently doing
  • Activity Logs – track cameras, features, and other systems an operator has accessed
  • NVR Matrix – show multiple cameras to an operator and automatically cycle
  • Hybrid camera support – Legacy analog and IP cameras can be displayed in same UI; protect your investment
  • Robust API – 3rd-party applications can easily be video enabled

Video Paging

  • Send live video popup and alert message directly to users' desktop in front of of what they are currently doing
  • Can integrate with alarm/alert sensors connected to a camera
  • Users can send Video Pages from interactive maps within VSS Alloy
  • Video Notifications for important incidents and alarms like: fire, excess moisture, burglary, perimeter control, and criminal incidents
  • Allows a person to quickly see and verify an alarm incident
  • Adds intuitive, visual context to alerts

Interactive Maps

  • Simple, easy to understand way to organize cameras
  • Hover over camera icons to see live video preview thumbnails
  • Click camera icons to see full-size video
  • Integrate other features like alarms and Video Paging into maps
  • Organize and nest interrelated maps to make items easy to find
  • Use 2-D or 3-D representations of an area

VSS User Interface

  • Simple, easy-to-use for non-technical users
    • End-user training is in 10 minutes or less
    • Ideal for organizations that don't have large training budgets, or frequent turnover
  • Navigation bar can contain links to built-inVSS Alloy Modules, email/web links, and runs locally installed applications
  • Custom maps organize cameras and other assets in an easy-to-learn, intuitive interface
  • Recorded video can be found using thumbnails, calendar-based histogram, exact date/time, or by scrubbing through video
  • Uses cached thumbnails sorted by date to quickly search for items/incidents of interest
  • Users granted access only to the features and cameras they need

User Interface Customization

For the recording engine, key functionality such as increasing or decreasing recording time/quality or establishing different access authorizations based on roles can all be determined by you. In addition, much of the user interface can also be customized, giving each user the look and feel best suited for them. School mascots or company logos and colors can all be changed so that the application integrates in the culture as well as other technologies.

The Alloy interface is a highly customizable dashboard integrating multiple 3rd party applications that your organization may use on a daily basis. Grading/Attendance programs, life monitoring or life safety applications, even simple daily reports can be seamlessly integrated into the application.

Alloy comes ready to integrate with many major technology brands on the market. Our team of engineers can also build custom camera scripts to connect to many more brands as well. With our published API scripts, access controls, facilities management programs, life safety and monitoring equipment can all be integrated on the same platform to give complete 360° situational awareness.

Customization shouldn't be reserved just for technology however. The real power of Alloy's advanced platform is the wide variety of uses in multiple industries. Current processes can be improved by leveraging video paging technology.

Customization Use Cases

Airline: A plane is arriving at the jet way of a major airline carrier. Maintenance crews, baggage handlers, food and beverage teams among others all have to be notified. With one camera sending one page to all teams at once, an airline can deploy their teams more efficiently.

Distribution facility: A very large mid-west distribution facility has teams ready to unload trucks from the docks. The facility handles a wide variety of inventory and sometimes getting the right crew to the right dock in a timely manner can prove to be a real difficulty. When video pages from a dock are automatically pushed out to the facility manager, he or she can now identify which distributor has arrived to which dock and can more efficiently deploy the right team to unload.

Remote location: A large gas pipeline company has thousands of miles of assets in place but cannot cost-effectively send personnel to do pipeline integrity checks on a daily basis. Sturdy outdoor cameras are put in place and any change whatsoever immediately sends a page to the appropriate teams to respond if needed.

School: A multi-campus school puts Alloy in place to monitor fire exits as well as other egresses. The fire door is opened sending off the traditional alarm. But is it just one student trying to cut class or is there a mass exodus of students? A near-instant video page to administrators puts expert eyes of the situation and staff can decide the appropriate next steps.

Ski resort: A large ski resort in the American Northeast operates on a skeleton crew during the summer months. If there is a break-in in a facility, staff might not find out about it until long after the fact. But with video paging, any staff (even if offsite) can be immediately notified of the door being opened and can prevent further loss or damage.

The See360 Series integrates with GPS-enabled technology to quickly and intelligently find and display appropriate video near incidents or points of interest. It leverages VSS Live Camera Script architecture to display camera streams from multiple camera manufacturers in a single graphical user interface. See360 scales up to cover large metro areas. See360 currently uses Google Maps to display locations, but it is designed to leverage a variety of geo-location mapping solutions.

Originally developed with ShotSpotter gunshot detection technology, now used by police departments and other public safety agencies in cities and towns across the nation, any geo-location aware application capable of sending GPS locations via API can be used with the See360 Series. The See360 plus ShotSpotter solution leveraged GPS technology, muzzle blast detection, and video security cameras to help first responders handle firearm incidents faster and more effectively. See360 Series leverages GPS/geo-locations to display video from all available cameras. See360 can automatically push real-time video notices to add visual verification and context to an alert. This gives first responders valuable information before they arrive on the scene. Several use cases are solved with geo-aware video including:

  • Gunfire/Explosion Detection – find and see gunfire and explosions
  • Traffic Control – display traffic accidents or equipment failures
  • Hazardous Spills – verify biohazard, chemical, or radiation spills, and understand their impact
  • Sex Predator/Offender – identify current appearance of registered sex predators and offenders when detected near inappropriate areas or travel outside their prescribed zones
  • Alarm Verification – verify fire, intrusion, smoke, and access control incidents
  • Code Blue Emergency – see and communicate with emergency kiosks
  • Client-server architecture -- Use web browser to see video, manage servers and cameras, and configure the system
  • Web-based presentation layer -- Leverages video clients from cameras and/or recording engines
  • Enables multiple recording engines/back ends to be integrated into single UI
  • Simple XML files used to store configuration and settings, no complex database to maintain
  • System can support either IP or Analog cameras using same user interface
  • Video Paging can be easily enabled and configured through user interface
  • Plug-and-play Live Camera Script architecture to easily add new cameras between releases

VSS Alloy supports several different types of recording engines. Tightly integrated recording engines, like VSS Hybrid or Cisco VSMS, have playback within VSS Alloy interface. While some third-party recorders have playback linked within the navigation bar. All live video is available within Alloy regardless of the recording engine.

VSS Alloy simultaneously supports analog and IP/network cameras, both fixed and pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ). A wide variety of analog resolutions are available, from QCIF, CIF, 2CIF, VGA, 4CIF to D1. VSS Alloy also supports IP cameras with standard definition (QCIF-SVGA), high definition (720p to 1080p) and megapixel resolutions. Recording a variety of video CODECs are supported including MPEG-4, H.264, and Motion JPEG.

VSS Alloy was designed to enable new cameras to be added easily. New cameras from major vendors can typically be added between releases. VSS adds support by creating new Camera Live View Scripts (as a professional service). Once a new Live View Script has been created and tested, an administrator (partner or customer) uses VSS Alloy to upload them using its File Upload Module. This same architecture enables new features to be added to existing cameras between releases.

VSS specializes in creating Video Surveillance and Physical Security applications on server-grade appliances. Appliances include the following features:

  • Resilient configuration uses mirrored OS drives
  • Tool-less, tray-less hard drives for easy drive swapping
  • Runs latest version of VSS Alloy

VSS Alloy Site Manager

VSS Alloy Site Manager is a software and hardware appliance for managing your site's recording engines and cameras, users and profiles as well as modules for features and integrated applications. It manages all thumbnails on a single server from several recording engines.

VSS Hybrid Recorder

The Recorder provides an intuitive way to add valuable context to improve Situational Awareness by enabling Situational Recall, which extends the investment in video. By recording video, you can gather knowledge and evidence of incidents and review what actually happened.

  • Supports IP and analog cameras with encoders using MPEG-4/H.264 and Motion JPEG video codecs
  • Supports many third-party cameras and encoders so you often don't need to replace the entire existing infrastructure
  • Provides a reliable archiving infrastructure that allows you to store and easily search large amounts of data