VSS Timeline

Over 16 years of Security Management Software


VSS Aging in Place Solution Service

Bundle of VSS products focused on an Aging in Place solution for families, caregivers, and guardians.

VSS Aging in Place Enterprise

Bundle of VSS products focused on an Aging in Place solution for Home Health providers or to resellers who wish to host a local/regional system.


Acquires VSS

June 2021

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SAM™ Platinum Award Winner in Cloud Solutions

Awarded "…for outstanding campus security services and products," by Campus Security and Life Safety's independent panel of judges from the security industry.

VSS SAAS and VAAS Solutions

Providing cloud solutions for VSS' most valuable applications:


Security Awareness Manager™

VSS Alloy 4.0™





REST API for integration with third party systems. VSS' REST API allows third-party systems to include security camera video into their desktop or mobile applications. With the VSS REST API any organization can video-enable their solution.

VSS WiFi Sensors

WiFi sensors with an estimated 2-year battery life

• Made in USA

• Runs on standard AAA batteries

• Open architecture integrates

• Bluetooth configuration

• Sensors available include:

- Universal Converter

- Door Contact

- Humidity/Water sensor

SAM - Security Awareness Manager™ Released

Bundle of VSS products focused on enhancement of existing/installed systems. Takes disparate systems installed at a site, or in an enterprise, and provides and "single-pane-of-glass" view to the user.

• Includes IM-Alert™ client software

• Includes IM-Alert™ server software

• Includes MapAssist™ interactive mapping software

• VSS Alloy™ interface, navigation, and management software


IM-Alert™ Thermal Solution

Get an IM-Alert™ notification from a thermal camera when anyone enters your facility with elevated body temperature.

VSS MapCreate™

Utility to allow partners to create interactive maps in a drag-and-drop tool without having to program every device, sensor, or camera into map files manually.

VSS MapAssist™

Generate interactive maps for any security or mass notification system, with our without video. Interactive mapping can make sensor icons blink, doors blink, rooms light up, etc. If security cameras are installed, livestream camera thumbnails are available, as well as, click-to-live view.

VSS Software Only Option

Software installer for VSS products so that:

• Products can be installed on customers Windows-based hardware

• Products can be installed on Virtual Machine

• Products can be installed in the Cloud


VSS Alloy™ 4.0 Update

VSS Alloy integrated with Cathexis, providing sophisticated surveillance features to satisfy all security and infrastructure management requirements across a wide variety of market sectors.


Server Hardware Updates

VSS updated its server profiles to offer 1RU and 2RU Enterprise, Site Manager, and Recording servers (32-cameras), as well as Mini-Servers for Enterprise, Site Manager, and Recording servers (6-cameras).



VSS is now offering a stand-alone, video notification package that includes IM-Alert™ on a Mini-Server. Video enable any third party system and auto-push real time video to users. Package Option: MapAssist™ can be added for interactive floor plan notifications.