At VSS, we believe that a secure environment and a safety-first organizational culture promotes productivity and employee retention, and is invaluable to those an organization serves.

VSS has been focused on the shift from analog to digital video surveillance since 2003, when IP surveillance was in its infancy. Our ongoing experience continues to drive our solution to be easy to learn and use, as well as flexible and powerful. What we have learned about merging analog and IP technology has lead us to merge other applications as well. Administrators deploy it to share and access the applications needed by their entire organization.

Keeping It Simple: VSS Alloy

  • Designed for simplicity and the non-technical user – 10 minutes or less to train end-users
  • Satisfy both IT and Security –VSS Alloy bridges the gap
  • Lower cost of ownership – Easy system management, includes Video Paging and Matrix Monitor clients
  • Add simplicity to Cisco VSM – One-click import from VSMS 6.x; VSS Alloy stands alone or along side VSOM
  • Eliminate the need for rip-and-replace – Integrate security products into VSS Alloy
  • Interactive maps – Organize your site's cameras the way users know them
  • Find what you need quickly – Forensic thumbnail investigation quickly finds incidents of interest
  • Track user's activity by camera – Provides perspective of what is being covered
  • Simultaneous use of IP and analog video sources – No need to rip-and-replace existing video surveillance
  • Educators trust VSSVSS Alloy – Thousands of cameras across hundreds of campuses, K-12 and higher-ed.
VSS Alloy on Screen

Having everything your team needs in one simple interface greatly reduces training time and cost of ownership. The attention to detail we show with our hardware configurations enables you to reduce downtime, save on costly repairs, and keep your users productive.

Designed for simplicity and the non-technical user, VSS Alloy provides an easy-to-use, intuitive dashboard with end-user training usually taking 10 minutes or less. By making features bite-sized it is possible to have a powerful and flexible tool. Administrators can easily add, update, and modify applications and user access privileges system wide, without significantly changing the user experience or requiring retraining, rather than by extensive piecemeal update processes. This makes sure that users see only what they need to and avoids confusion. You can even include our three-minute "Help Me" video in the navigation bar to help infrequent users to be self starters. Because all user activity is recorded in real time, a simple review of activity logs allows supervisors to be assured that their team's productivity is on target.

In addition our server-grade appliances feature resilient hard-drive configurations (RAID-1 for OS) and tool-less, tray-less drive enclosures for easy swapping. This ensures that a common fault, a failed hard-drive, takes seconds to replace instead of minutes or even hours if a server needs to be pulled out and re-racked.

Saving Time is Saving Money


VSS believes that technology integration means more than just interoperability between systems. True integration must include aligning technology with processes and people, as well as IT ecosystems. VSS Alloy delivers an advanced physical security management platform while offering users an array of choices to customize the application and user experience. (More about customization...)

Having the right tools is critical for your success. Make sure that you have what fits both you and your users' needs.

Track Hammer

Is it the Right Tool?

Physical security and IP Video Surveillance are a part of the life-safety for the customer. Make sure that you use a tool that is designed for the task at hand.

Wood Mallet

Is it simple, easy to use?

VSS Alloy features 10-minute training classes and 12-page end-user guides. School administrators and new security staff just need to find the video they want.

Nail Gun

Can it do more than one thing?

Customized modules per installation and profiles that only see what they need/should see.

Jack Hammer

Is it complicated?

Does your customer really need a WYSIWG process flow chart editor that integrates with the Elevator Controls?

Sledge Hammer

Is it powerful?

Best-of-breed video tools combined with the tools to play back times of interest quickly. Resilient, hardened hard-drive configurations plus easy back-up and restore.

All-in-one Tool

Can it do what you need?

VSS Alloy can do much more than just video surveillance. Integrate other applications, tools and include all your resources in one dashboard.

VSS Alloy enables non-technical users to get what they need from a single easy-to-use dashboard and get back to work.

Moving from:

  • Proprietary legacy systems
  • Specialized security departments and "single-purpose products"
  • Separate network and physical security
  • Legacy technology: Analog, DVRs, standard definition
  • Manual processes that increase equipment usage costs

Moving to:

  • Network-based solutions
  • Complete solutions focus and converging organizations
  • Converged network and physical security
  • IP, high definition, network video surveillance
  • Drive automation and efficiency through new technology

Complex Physical Security Information Manager (PSIM) solutions may require days of training for end-users to master even basic tasks and do not allow for non-technical staff to get involved without help from power users.