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VSS Value Proposition

VSS provides security consolidation systems that require minimal training time (10 minutes or less) and rarely the need for a manual.

Single Pane of Glass view: Scalable solutions that can cost-effectively grow from specific function, single site to an enterprise

Installation Options based on market, need and use:

  • • Local server installation
  • • Virtual Machine
  • • Cloud


  • • Effective use of security systems with easy-to-use interface
  • • Cost-effective enhancements to installed systems for greater efficiencies
  • • Soft-dollar savings as staff are hired or move to different sites
  • • Centralized management of all security systems and access to them
  • • Allow security and technology staff to upgrade back-end systems and specific tools (i.e. biometrics, newer cameras, etc) without having to retrain users
Our Mission

Our mission is to create Video Surveillance and Physical Security applications that are easy to integrate, deploy and use.

Our goal is to meet our customers' needs to limit and simplify or expand and enrich their operators' quality of experience. By manufacturing purpose-built, server-grade appliances VSS also enables our partners to quickly and profitably deploy their solutions.

With years of experience producing and deploying video surveillance and physical security applications, VSS has assisted many institutions in overcoming the challenges of integrating legacy and emerging technologies for diverse work forces with varying technological skill sets. VSS software makes security and other organizational applications available in a single interface, thus engaging the entire team in their security.

At VSS, we believe that a secure environment and a safety-first organizational culture promotes productivity and employee retention, and is invaluable to those an organization serves, such as patients at a medical facility or students at school.


Converging Security Applications into a Single, Easy-To-Use Security Management Platform

VSS is a software, hardware and services company specializing in creating Video Surveillance and Physical Security applications on server-grade appliances. Our solution integrates offerings from industry leaders such as AXIS, Cisco, Status Solutions, and more. VSS Alloy provides a single user interface (UI) for live and recorded video, interactive maps, and managed users, and can be configured on the fly to user specifications to limit and simplify or expand and enrich the end-user experience. Our customers have successfully integrated several third-party applications such as offender lookups, alarm/alert systems, grading/attendance, incident reporting and facilities management.

VSS is headquartered in the Strand Historic District on Galveston Island, Texas.


In 2004, VSS learned from our customers that they needed help transitioning from analog to IP physical security cameras.

They wanted a single application framework to enable them to see legacy analog and new IP devices. At that time, there were few products with that capability. With its first release of Integrated Video Solution (IVS) VSS developed and launched such a product.

While IP physical security is now common, few organizations have the practical knowledge that VSS has in providing analog/IP hybrid solutions.

Today we offer server-grade appliances with easy-to-use applications and supporting professional services. End-users that take advantage of this total approach to a solution ensure a better quality of experience for their operators and gain a better return on their investment.